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Re: whiptail/dialog/modconf in bterm break on latin1 chars

#include <hallo.h>
Philip Blundell wrote on Sun Dec 09, 2001 um 12:07:45PM:
> >it back to bterm. If you use any of non-ASCII latin1 chars, like , it
> >does not show rest of the line after this char. This happens with the
> >reduced font file in BFs as well as with a big font file converted from
> >/usr/src/unifont.bdf. What's up?
> Which "current modconf breakage" is this?

What I wrote. All characters in a line disappear after a non-ASCII char.

> You'll have to be more specific about what you are doing.  If you mean
> that you are just sending Latin1 characters to bterm, this is not
> supposed to work - it's a UTF-8 terminal.  If you mean that you are

You mean there is no way to make it compatible with a normal charset?
Working so, we would need a prepared modconf package. Well, as Adam
allready assumed :(

Who is willing to modify modconf? AFAIK all the eval_* need to be
recoded by a script. But not by me, not much time in the next days.

I see two solution:

 - store recoded strings in similar named strings, i.e.
   modules_dir_name_UTF8 - and change modconf so it loads the other
   strings when LANG matches /.*utf.8/i

 - spawn a new package, smt. like modconf-utf8.

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