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Re: whiptail/dialog/modconf in bterm break on latin1 chars

In message <[🔎] 20011209123956.GA13435@zombie.inka.de>, Eduard Bloch writes:
>You mean there is no way to make it compatible with a normal charset?


>Working so, we would need a prepared modconf package. Well, as Adam
>allready assumed :(

I thought we ran modconf with i18n turned off (ie locale set to "C") to
avoid this kind of problem.  Where are these Latin1 strings coming from?

> - store recoded strings in similar named strings, i.e.
>   modules_dir_name_UTF8 - and change modconf so it loads the other
>   strings when LANG matches /.*utf.8/i

If something has to be done, this seems like the right idea.  What's the
situation with modconf as regards the freeze -- is there time to change it?


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