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Re: whiptail/dialog/modconf in bterm break on latin1 chars

In message <[🔎] E16D5St-0001LY-00@klecker.debian.org>, Junichi Uekawa writes:
>In Sun, 09 Dec 2001 14:39:15 +0000 Philip cum veritate scripsit :
>Thus, the most workable solution would be to get 
>modconf to be UTF-8 enabled.

Right, yeah.  I don't know what made me start babbling about Latin1, must have
been some kind of momentary lapse of reason.

I've checked a simple patch into modconf to add UTF-8 support for the "eval"
files.  Have a look and see if it seems to be doing the right thing for you
(for example, try "LANG=ja.utf-8 modconf").  Eduard, you might like to try
the same trick for de.  If it seems to work on its own, it should be
straightforward to make boot-floppies set the right environment variables.


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