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Re: last change in Makefile in utilities/.../po

On Fri, Dec 07, 2001 at 12:56:37AM +0100, Martin Quinson wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 05:43:14PM +0300, Mikhail Sobolev wrote:
> > Are you sure it's a good idea?  For example, the file C.po gives an error right
> > away.
> Are you speaking of:
> C.po: msgfmt: C.po: warning: Charset "CHARSET" is not a portable encoding
> name. Message conversion to user's charset might not work.
> ?
> This message is appropriate. We should put ASCII or what ever as charset,
> even in C.po.
I am speaking about:

C.po: C.po: warning: PO file header missing, fuzzy, or invalid
      warning: charset conversion will not work
found 1 fatal error
make: *** [check-C] Error 1

That means that the automatically generated C.po is bad.  That only means that
the procedure should be changed.  (I'll try to have a look on it)

> > If you remove fuzzy flag for the header in all files, those headers will
> > result in volume increase..
> That's not true. msgfmt knows about these headers and don't put them in the
> compiled mo file.
> msgfmt fr.po -o -|wc -c
> with fuzzied header: 163740
> without: 163740
Mmm...  That means that you are using old gettext.  As of some version of
gettext, this very header is used for automatic translation of the messages
between different charsets.  So for example, if I have my messages in KOI8-R,
while the user has CP1251 environment, the conversion will be automatically
done for her.

    w/o fuzzy on header 102613
    w/  fuzzy on header 102260

    gettext  0.10.39-2

> I've had a look at the makefile, the po files don't seem to be proceceed by
> any other tool than msgfmt. Correct me if I'm wrong...
This statement is correct. :)

A+, :)


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