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Bug#122738: boot-floppies 3.0.17 fails to find IDE disk on Atari

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> thanks
> Have you verified that this still happens with the release kernel?  It doesn't
> merit being an RC bug if only 2.4 produces the problem.

With the current release kernel, the IDE disk is detected fine. I hadn't
tested with that machine for a long time so I did suspect a generic
problem first. Downgrade the bug as you see fit. 
> Assuming that it does still fail with the kernel from the archive, what exactly
> are the symptoms that you see?

The installer reports no disks found and advises to proceed with network
config after keyboad map selection. Nothing on console #3, nothing weird
in the kernel log. How are IDE disks located by the installer? /proc/ide
looks pretty much the same to me. 

The 2.4 kernel has devfs enabled but not mounted on boot.


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