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Re: Bad floppies on startup

Thanks for your help, Chris. 

* Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> [011124 00:32]:
> There is no base.tgz for woody (not yet anyway). You configure the
> network, then install base from the installer over the network.

Great, no need for base at all in my case.

> Ohhhh. You burned rescue.bin on the floppy, like i386. Well for these
> machines you need to burn boot-floppy-hfs instead. You burn it the
> [...]

Ah, I got it running right off, thanks.

The boot-floppy-hfs isn't mentioned in .../current/doc/install.en.txt at
all!  I also looked at the .../current/powermac/install.txt file but
it's not mentioned there either.

So I just filed a bug for this against boot-floppies.  I intend to get 
the boot-floppies CVS and submit a diff as well.  That's major for 
anyone trying to boot without this floppy image!

> Definitely. BootX/miBoot are unsupported, Quik only helps after you
> have Linux installed.

Hmm, well even if BootX is unsupported, it's a great way to boot a
machine.  I am installing on my mother's machine.  I don't want to touch
the boot loader unless I know 100% things will be OK.

It turns out after checking on the quik site and on the NetBSD sites
that my hardware's OF is terrible.  It defaults to using the serial port
instead of the keyboard and monitor.  Not very helpful when wanting to
acces the OF.  This probably is because the video is not on the
motherboard on this model of Power Computing machine, PowerWave.  The
PowerWave is equivalent to a Tower Pro according to the BSD folks.  I 
need to pull out another computer and give the commands so that it
defaults to the screen and keyboard, but I haven't yet.

-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow@svpal.org>

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