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Bug#120950: USB boot-floppies

In message <[🔎] 20011125020722.A30723@zombie.inka.de>, Eduard Bloch writes:
>Should we support them? And when, how? I can imagine to hack the kernel
>so it looks on /dev/fd0, then on listed devices for the root image. In
>addition, there should be support in dbootstrap so the drives are (for
>example) linked to /dev/fd0 or so.

I'm pretty sure USB floppies (a la Vaio) present themselves as SCSI disks as well.

I guess such a kernel hack wouldn't be too difficult, and it certainly should solve 
the problem.  The changes needed in the rest of boot-floppies would be trivial,
basically just making sure that /dev/sdX appears in dbootstrap's list of devices.
On the other hand, I'm not sure that we want to build USB and SCSI into the standard
kernel images just to make this work.  It might be better to forget about supporting
it in boot-floppies and wait for debian-installer.

[Christoph, does your Vaio really not have a CD drive at all?  I thought they all 
shipped with at least an external CD-ROM that plugged in to the PCMCIA socket.]


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