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Re: aptitude rather than dselect for Woody, Please?

Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
>  I'm not talking about "console-apt", but about "aptitude".  I see no
>  reason why it would not support installation from multiple CD's,
>  provided those CD's are registered by "base-config".  AFAIK, it
>  supports "dpkg --set-selections"... or something like it, since it
>  does remember your selections between invocations like dselect does.

Hmm. It remembers selections, but it does not do it by setting values in
the status file. Instead, it uses /var/state/aptitude/pkgstates.  Oh but
it looks like it merges in /var/lib/dpkg/status to that file when it is
run, so that's ok.

If someone wants to arrange for aptitude to be installed by debootstrap
as part of the base system, I will be happy to make base-config offer it
along with dselect as options for the second-stage package selector. But
this needs to be done really quickly if it's done at all.

When did aptitude become such a nice peice of work? Wow.

see shy jo

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