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cvs commit to base-config/lib by joeyh

Repository: base-config/lib
who:        joeyh
time:       Mon Nov 19 11:32:52 PST 2001

Log Message:

   * base-config.8: Documented (most) of the environment variables that effect
     the program.
   * 00debootstrap_settings: If DEBIAN_PRIORITY is set, ignore the value from
     debootstrap_settings. This allows overriding of the priority at the boot
     prompt in the middle of a debian install, which is pretty neat.
   * base-config: Added a KEEP_BASE_DEBS, which, if set to yes, will inhibit
     the deletion of the apt cache when base-config runs on a new install. This
     can be passed to lilo or whatever. Thanks to bod for the idea, which hits
     exactly the mix of unobtrusiveness and functionality I wanted.
   * 75apt-get: Don't run apt-get clean, and let the dselect method prompt
     about this, as disgusting as that is.
   * Closes: #103302


changed:    00dbootstrap_settings 75apt-get

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