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Re: contributing to Debian (woody?) documentation

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 12:29:29AM +0200, Pim Bliek wrote:
> Hi,
> >Have a look at the Debian Documentation Project
> >http://www.debian.org/doc/ddp
> Ok, bookmarked that one. Gonna read it tomorrow, it's 0:24 am here :-)
> > - Translating manuals to Dutch. (if needed).
> >yippee, I don't think boot-floppies has any dutch (nl?) yet (currently
> >it looks like we have ca, cs, da, de, eo, en, es, fi, fr, gl, hr, hu,
> >it, ja, ko, pl, pt, ru, sk, sv, tr, zh_CN)  the best place to start
> >IMO, would be to translate the install messages for boot-floppies so
> >that dutch speakers could would have a happier install.
> Sounds like ok to me. Where do I start? :-)
> I mean, can someone point me to the place to look for? How are these 
> bootfloppies organised? How are these messages setup? Can someone post me a 
> URL, or maybe try to give me a quick tutorial on this?

Firs thing to do is get install packages cvs and debiandoc-sgml. Then
'checkout' the boot-floppies, instructions for that are at 


Also important is 


I'll let someone else speak up re: messages.

> >A larger project is translating the install manual.  I suggest the
> >boot-floppies messages first because it is something like 700
> >messages, while the install manual is larger.
> I think I'll start with the boot-floppies, which is by far most important I 
> suppose. If my head isn't dizzy after that I can try on the install manual. 
> Luckily I just found a dutch guy (posted to debian-user earlier tonight) 
> who wants to switch to Debian as well. Maybe a good tester :-)

The install manual is packaged within boot-floppies as well, in the
documentation directory.


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