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Re: Problems installing Potato over the network via proxy

>>>>> "ADC" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore-devel.com> writes:
    >> In all cases, I got varying error messages ranging from
    >> "connection refused" to "unable to resolve ...". I was never able
    >> to use the Proxy server at the client's site. Instead, I had to
    >> resort to installing Squid on a RedHat system and then specifying
    >> that machine as the Proxy server.
    ADC>  It sounds like, for some reason, we don't support that proxy.

It seems that way. About seven months ago, I installed the first Debian
system for this client. I was using the exact same version and set of
potato boot floppies as I had a couple of days ago.

I remember having similar problems getting past their Proxy server and
was furiously trying different combinations of the proxy URL, when I did
enter the correct proxy URL and was able to use their Proxy server and
did complete the install properly.

More than likely, the Proxy software at their site has changed and is
the _real_ source of my install problems from a couple of days ago.

    >> I may still have to install some more Linux systems at this
    >> client's site, and of course only plan to install Debian. If
    >> woody is released by then, I will of course use the Woody boot
    >> floppies. But otherwise I will continue to use the Potato boot
    >> floppies.
    ADC>  Well, that's up to you.  I would recommend buying a Debian CD
    ADC> for install -- you can use that to install over the network
    ADC> using an NFS server, for instance.

Naah, I still like Debian's net install way too much!! If I run into
similar problems, I will just install Squid on one of the existing
Debian systems and Proxy everything through it.

I haven't done a CD install of Debian since Slink was released.

    ADC> We aren't developing Potato anymore, but if you find there is a
    ADC> problem with Woody, perhaps you could file a bug (or let us
    ADC> know if you don't know how to file a bug), being sure to
    ADC> include some data on what the proxy software is and what exact
    ADC> authentication scheme it uses.

Is there any simple way to find what Proxy software and authenthication
scheme is being used, without having to ask the Windows' admins ? The
network admins at this place aren't exactly co-operative when it comes
to Linux-related matters.

I plan on trying out a Woody install using b-f 3.0.15 on Monday, and
will file a bug report if the Proxy problems persist.


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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