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Re: contributing to Debian (woody?) documentation


phew, life story, cool, glad to have you on board.


> What can I do?

> - I can write manuals. Doesn't matter what, as long as I find the topic at 
> least a little bit interesting. I have some experience in setting things 
> up, and in using a Linux box as a home-router/firewall.
> - Some spare time (not too much, but enough).
> - Maybe some input to others writing manuals.

Have a look at the Debian Documentation Project

> - Translating manuals to Dutch. (if needed).

yippee, I don't think boot-floppies has any dutch (nl?) yet (currently
it looks like we have ca, cs, da, de, eo, en, es, fi, fr, gl, hr, hu,
it, ja, ko, pl, pt, ru, sk, sv, tr, zh_CN)  the best place to start
IMO, would be to translate the install messages for boot-floppies so
that dutch speakers could would have a happier install.

A larger project is translating the install manual.  I suggest the
boot-floppies messages first because it is something like 700
messages, while the install manual is larger.


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