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Re: debian-installer status

Joerg Friedrich wrote:
> The last days I played around with d-i. I realized that net-i1440-image doesn't fit on one
> single floppy. Another aproach to reduce the size is to build a
> kernel-image designed for the debian-installer with a reduced
> feature-set. I managed to build one that is about 70k smaller.

I'm sure we can cut it down without going this route. Booting one kernel
to install and switching off to another one for the installed system is
a cardinal sin in my eyes, since it doubles the chance that a kernel
won't work. I've seen it bite other distro's installers.

> OTOH then
> you cannot chroot into the installed system, you need to reboot once.
> IMHO this doesn't matter.
> BTW: libdetect0 has no udeb. ethdetect is uninstallable

We're not using udebs for libraries. If you look at the build
dependancies in debian-installer/build/debian, they include

see shy jo

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