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deb 2.1 with lowmem.bin


I am trying to configure deb 2.1 
on a PC 386 40 MHZ 7800KB 
CDROM large 30GB HD 
with lowmem.bin. 

I think I am OK with the floppy's 
I have made. 
1° in raw mode with lowmem.bin
2° in raw mode with resc1440.bin
3° in superformat 1722KB dos filesystem 
with root.bin

My partitions are : 
swap 	/dev/hda1  
ext2	/dev/hda3 with boot toggle 
minix	/dev/hda4 with boot toggle 
ext	/dev/hda2 
dos	/dev/hda5 

When the rescue floppy was asked 
(menu choice 3 ? ) to prepare ROOT 
partition the message : 

unable to load NLS charset cp437 (???...) 
was displayed. 

How can I do to avoid that and 
configure this PC ? 

Thanks from a debian's newbie ! 


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