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Re: debian-installer to become part of boot-floppies package ?

Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 11:27:34AM -0700 wrote:
> Is debian-installer going to be incorporated into the boot-floppies packages
> essentially as a replacement for dbootstrap ?
no, debian-installer is a complete replacement.

> So if I wan't to play around with it, do I just take
> the boot-floppies package, remove dbootstrap and insert debian-installer ?
no, if you want to play with debian-installer, check out the
debian-installer cvs module.

> Mos tof the debian-installer code hasn't been touched for like 7 months
> apparently.  At least when looking at cvs.debian.org.
> Is there anything fresher to work with anywhere ?
that is it, we've all been working on boot-floppies.  It would be great
to get debian-installer going again, I have dreams of having it an
alternative to boot-floppies for advanced users (i.e. users who don't
mind if the install fails :-) )


> Thanks,
> Peter
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