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Re: debian-installer status

On Don, Okt 18, 2001 at 09:25:33 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> The first big stumbling block that the system has *exploded* in size.
> We're about 233K too big (and we used to be several hundred K under the
> max size..) I am contacting the worst offenders and trying to get it
> back to something that will fit on a floppy. I am also going to be
> working on some programs tonight to automatically detect any positivle
> size changes in the future, and raise red flags. Anyone who wants to
> work on d-i in the next week, first concentrate on size. I want to get
> it back to fitting on one floppy by next Wednesday. Here's the current
> breakdown on the size changes:
>                 - /lib/modules is about 520k bigger !!!
>                         - 22k of tokenring stuff (why?)
>                         - 511k of net/ stuff. This probably needs to be
>                           severely trimmed down, to just the following
>                           common cards:
>                                 3c501.o, 3c503.o, 3c505.o, 3c507.o,
>                                 3c515.o, 3c59x.o, 82596.o, 8390.o,
>                                 eepro100.o, ne.o, ne2k-pci.o,
>                                 via-rhine.o, tulip.o
>                           that will result in it being only 5k bigger than
>                           it used to be.
>                                 - I've mailed Herbert about this.

The last days I played around with d-i. I realized that net-i1440-image doesn't fit on one
single floppy. Another aproach to reduce the size is to build a
kernel-image designed for the debian-installer with a reduced
feature-set. I managed to build one that is about 70k smaller. OTOH then
you cannot chroot into the installed system, you need to reboot once.
IMHO this doesn't matter.

BTW: libdetect0 has no udeb. ethdetect is uninstallable

yours joerg

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