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Re:Re: installation hangs

Sorry by i dont arrive to the packet 
instalation. The promt that i am talking 
about is the vga promt where you select 
things like the keyboard type or the system 
name, and where you mount /. I dont arrive 
to see any of this prompts.

thnx anycase 

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| Subject: installation hangs
| > Hi all
| > Im trying to install debian but the 
| > hangs. The exact moment when it does it 
| > just before iam prompted first time with a
| > grafical menu. My grafical device is a
| > Hercules kiro II 4500.
| >
| > Is posible to install debian without any
| > grafical prompt??
| >
| > Sorry my english and thnx un advance
| >
| > dontxxi
| >
| you didn't provide much information on 
what are the packages you installed.
| anyway, here goes...
| from my memory of the install process, the 
first time the install starts,
| the installer installs the base system that 
consists of kernel stuff,
| drivers and all.
| then it reboots to run off your hard disk. 
this is when it preselects
| certain packages to install, while asking 
you whether you want to use the
| SIMPLE or ADVANCED options to install 
extra packages. if you choose SIMPLE
| you will find a whole list of task items that 
you can select. (if you don't
| select any now and continue installation, 
you can do the same later. to do
| it later, type tasksel in the shell (text 
| if in SIMPLE installation you do not choose 
any of the graphical options
| i.e. task x-windows(complete), or task x-
windows(core components), then you
| won't have the graphical prompt (X 
windows) you talked of.
| hope this helps.
| ram
| linux newbie
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