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Re: installation hangs

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From: dont XXI . <dontxxi@mixmail.com>
To: <debian-boot@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001 5:18 PM
Subject: installation hangs

> Hi all
> Im trying to install debian but the installation
> hangs. The exact moment when it does it is
> just before iam prompted first time with a
> grafical menu. My grafical device is a
> Hercules kiro II 4500.
> Is posible to install debian without any
> grafical prompt??
> Sorry my english and thnx un advance
> dontxxi

you didn't provide much information on what are the packages you installed.
anyway, here goes...

from my memory of the install process, the first time the install starts,
the installer installs the base system that consists of kernel stuff,
drivers and all.
then it reboots to run off your hard disk. this is when it preselects
certain packages to install, while asking you whether you want to use the
SIMPLE or ADVANCED options to install extra packages. if you choose SIMPLE
you will find a whole list of task items that you can select. (if you don't
select any now and continue installation, you can do the same later. to do
it later, type tasksel in the shell (text mode).
if in SIMPLE installation you do not choose any of the graphical options
i.e. task x-windows(complete), or task x-windows(core components), then you
won't have the graphical prompt (X windows) you talked of.

hope this helps.

linux newbie

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