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Re: LVM enabled boot disks ?

>> I have nothing to do with bootdisk development (I just subscribed to ask a
>> question nobody answered so far :), 
oops, here's an answer :-)

> Hi,
> I have set up a rather customized mirror of Debian sid and lots of
> unofficial apt-sources mostly for my personal use. It has a slightly
> modified directory structure, custom Packages file, custom overrides,
> and it
> lacks many packages I don't need (e.g. far-east language support, most
> non-English documentation, etc).
depending on how you have modified the directory structure you may run
into problems,  some of the tools expect a specific structure.

> With the 'old' bootdisks (the ones from potato), it used to be
> possible to
> install from this mirror; with the new ones, it's apparently no longer
> possible. The Release file needs to have a certain format, and I would
> probably need the Debian-installer stuff and so on.
you probably don't need the debian-installer stuf,f see below.

> Are the scripts that generate the Release file (with checksums of
> Packages
> etc) and any other required stuff (other than Packages and
> Packages.gz,
> which dpkg-scanpackages handles well enough) available somewhere?
> Where can I read about the Debian-installer thing so I can determine
> what
> and how I need to mirror?
Are you trying to use debian-installer or boot-floppies.
d-i : still in development, will be used for the release after woody
b-f : will be used for woody, working well now

> To make it clear what I'm after: I want to use my mirror as the
> installation
> medium for new debian installations. I'd like to know what files need
> to be
> where for the bootfloppies to find them, what structure those files
> must
> have, and if tools to generate those files are available.

both d-i and b-f will use the package debootstrap to install the base
system.  If you can use debootstrap to install a woody chroot on your
sysem using the mirror you have created then you can probably use
boot-floppies, d-i is still in development, it doesn't sound to me
like you want to use it.

> Currently, I only have a directory layout like this:
> /debian/dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages (and .gz)
> /debian/dists/unstable ->  sid
> /debian/pool (referenced by the Packages file)
> /debian/dists/sid/main/disks-i386/{the stuff from official mirrors,
> both
> potato and woody}
> I know I need a Release file under /debian/dists/sid/main (or just
> dists/sid?). How do I generate it?
I think the release file is a simple text file, take a look at the
debootstrap source to see what it wants to see in the release file.


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