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Re: Building floppies on unstable

Jigal Weinberg <jigal@cistron-office.nl> writes:

> On Sun, 22 Jul 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > This generally means that you are out of sync with the libs used in
> > the system you are building.  I have built fine with 2.2.3-5 libc6 --
> > that might be the issue but I'm not sure.  You'd have to re-run the
> > last commmand you did, setting the verbose or debug environment
> > variable to 'true' to really see the output.
> Ok but how do I interpret the packages which are downloaded by the scripts.
> They are an exact match with the ones that are installed on my system.
> Furthermore I cut out the code of rootdisk.sh which is responsible
> for determining the lib. But in no way I can get it to do whatit is supposed 
> to do.

Why not run it in debug mode, then try to run the exact command which
is causing the failure.

You need to proceed from the assumption that it's something on your
machine which is wrong, since it builds for all of us here.

> I have changed the sources.list, so that it gets all packages from unstable.


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