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Re: Install Report (b-f 3.x ia64; cdrom/net; standard)

Richard Hirst <rhirst@linuxcare.com> writes:

> I tried dhcp-client 3.0 beta from experimental on hppa, and it
> fixed this problem.  Size is likely to be a problem though.  For
> hppa, version 2 is 123K, version 3 is 519K.  On ia64 the version 3
> binary was 1.6M, but I assume that was due to some build problem!
> All that is needed to make version 2 work is for the links in /etc/rc?d
> to start/stop dhcp-client to be removed.  I did hack my debootstrap
> to do that at the end of install at one time, and it worked fine.

The dhcp-client maintainer should take these steps for the version 2

Can the maintainer just do this, or else, can someone do an NMU of the

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