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Re: boot disks 2.3.5

Stephen R Marenka wrote:

On Fri, Jun 15, 2001 at 10:00:28PM +0100, Matthew Sackman wrote:

However, one thing comes to mind: if one is installing to, say, a hardware RAID
array, which appears to linux as a single SCSI drive, but requires a module
loading, then how do you do it? The 'Preload module' option seemed promising,
but didn't seem to do what I was after.

What would be the steps required: use the install floppies to create a new root
floppy which contains the module required marked to be loaded, and then go into
the install sequence? If so, then how does one achieve this?

The full-up method can be found here:



Please pardon my post. I'm a newbie. and a bad one at that. :o\

This applies to me precisely. Most of you probably saw my post earlier this morning, and after beating <most> of the stupid out of myself, I compiled a kernel properly, and managed to get into the install process. However, when I try to load the operating system, I'm running into trouble that isn't covered at all in the above url. Questions I have would include, do I need to modify the root.bin disk? if so, how? why? how about the driver disks? Do I need to do anything other than modules.tgz? Do I have to install via driver disks? I can't get that far, I am getting an error when I try to remount the rescue disk,at the "install operating system kernel and modules" step, telling me Unable to mount the Rescue Floppy. You may have inserted the wrong floppy. Please try again" which I can't find any information on, at least, not yet. I tried donwloading, from the net, but I get a wrong rescue disk error there as well, so now I'm lost.

Again, I'm probably way out of my league here, but redhat just doesn't do it for me. <g>

Thanks in advance,


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