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boot disks 2.3.5

Hi there,

May I firstly say how happy I am with the new boot disks - although I don't
have to floppy disks to be able to do a full install, what I have tested seems
to work very well indeed, and adds a number of very useful features over the
potato install disks.

However, one thing comes to mind: if one is installing to, say, a hardware RAID
array, which appears to linux as a single SCSI drive, but requires a module
loading, then how do you do it? The 'Preload module' option seemed promising,
but didn't seem to do what I was after.

What would be the steps required: use the install floppies to create a new root
floppy which contains the module required marked to be loaded, and then go into
the install sequence? If so, then how does one achieve this?

Many thanks for your time - as I said, things are looking very good indeed.



Matthew Sackman

Using Debian/GNU Linux
Enjoying computing

It said 'Required Windows XP or better.'
So I installed Linux.

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