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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 07:18:52PM +0200, Giorgio Terzi wrote:
> Hello Christian, hello all,
> ...
> > Floppys on m68k are completely useless AFAIK. Since Amigalilo is not
> > supported by Debian, who needs floppies anyways when everything comes on CD? 
> I have "loaded" from floppies the images i have put on them only 
> for the sake of test!
> I have not bootstrapped with rescue floppy-disk! 
> I also know that is impossible for Amiga to bootstrap with a MS-DOS floppy
> disk. 
> But i have tested that, if someone is mad like me, :)) he can load and
> configure 
> the kernel and the drivers by means of floppy disks , is it so bad ?
> Debian dbootstrap program gives also this chance!
> I have tried to bootstrap APUS with a 1,76K Amiga floppy-disk and with 
> this format the problem is not the space, but in bootstrap program 
> (i use Warp-Up) that after the loading of the (of course compressed) 
> kernel crashes. 

what program are you using on the floppy disk ? I suppose that if it is the
same as the one you use normally, it would be dependent on warp-up. But i
guess warp-up is not in rom, so did you put it on the floppy also ?

Did you try it with the standard  powerup stuff ? Since you are booting from a
floppy, this should be the standard setting, is it not ?

Could you provide us with some logs (bootstrap & dmesg) of the crashed launch
? Post it to the linux-apus list please. Also the script you use for
launching could be usefull.

> I am trying to understand why...
> For an 880k floppy the space problem makes impossible to do it.
> But i wish to be contraddicted... :))

Well, we could split the kernel in 2 and join it in ram: before launching it.
Or we could try for a less than 880Ko modular kernel, but i have not big hopes
on this one. Michel Daenzer is the apus kernel package maintainer for debian.

Both solution may be used, if there is time to try it out and such.

> For Sven Luther:
> I was very busy in the last days, and i think i have lost some steps.:))

Ok, i understand you.


Upto now, you were able to bootstarp from the floppy disk set, and able to
install and configure the kernel & modules, isn't it. All this with the 2.2.10
kernel. (btw did you solve the 2.2.19 requirement of install.sh ? did you try
the little patch i sent to you yesterday or the day before ?

> Please may you list me what do you need for the next tests ? 
> Thank you.

Ok, now the next step would be :

1) download the base tarball of woody (if there is such a thing) and try the
installation of it. If this works, then i would call the basic apus boot
floppies useable. You could try the networked (trough ppp) install after that,
but i guess this should be ok.

2) you could try it with an 2.4.x kernel, to see if it works also, and to see
if much changes where needed for it, what do you think ?

3) coordinate with alan for the floppy disk booting thingy.

That's all i see for now.


Sven Luther

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