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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

Hello Sven

> what program are you using on the floppy disk ? I suppose that if it is the
> same as the one you use normally, it would be dependent on warp-up. But i
> guess warp-up is not in rom, so did you put it on the floppy also ?

I am trying to use our classic kernel loader " `bootstrap` ".   

> Did you try it with the standard powerup stuff ? Since you are booting from a
> floppy, this should be the standard setting, is it not ?

I shall test it... 

> Could you provide us with some logs (bootstrap & dmesg) of the crashed launch
> ? Post it to the linux-apus list please. Also the script you use for
> launching could be usefull.
>> I am trying to understand why...

OK, i finish my tests and if i can't find solutions i will.

>> For an 880k floppy the space problem makes impossible to do it.
>> But i wish to be contraddicted... :))
> Well, we could split the kernel in 2 and join it in ram: before launching it.
> Or we could try for a less than 880Ko modular kernel, but i have not big
> hopes on this one. Michel Daenzer is the apus kernel package maintainer for
> debian.

As rightly written by Geert Uytterhoeven is possible to join in ram the kernel
as he also writes there maybe problems with Amigas with a small RAM amount.

> BTW, 
> Upto now, you were able to bootstarp from the floppy disk set, 

  No... because as written on top this letter i am testing " `bootstrap` "
  on floppy.
  and able to
> install and configure the kernel & modules, isn't it. All this with the
> 2.2.10 kernel. 

  Yes, also using floppy-disks.

   (btw did you solve the 2.2.19 requirement of install.sh ? did
> you try the little patch i sent to you yesterday or the day before ?

  Right! , another thing i must put in the test's list. 

> floppies useable. You could try the networked (trough ppp) install after
> that, but i guess this should be ok.

With ppp ? Nice...
But i was not able to find a ppp configuration mask in the 
network section of dbootstrap program...
is it a new feature?

I haven't found the woody's base tarball, maybe is still early,
or maybe i have not found its right path, 
but its path is so in ftp as in CD-ROM i think:


is it right ?

Thank you again,

                                 Giorgio Terzi

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