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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

Hello Christian, hello all,

> Floppys on m68k are completely useless AFAIK. Since Amigalilo is not
> supported by Debian, who needs floppies anyways when everything comes on CD? 
I have "loaded" from floppies the images i have put on them only 
for the sake of test!

I have not bootstrapped with rescue floppy-disk! 

I also know that is impossible for Amiga to bootstrap with a MS-DOS floppy
But i have tested that, if someone is mad like me, :)) he can load and
the kernel and the drivers by means of floppy disks , is it so bad ?
Debian dbootstrap program gives also this chance!

I have tried to bootstrap APUS with a 1,76K Amiga floppy-disk and with 
this format the problem is not the space, but in bootstrap program 
(i use Warp-Up) that after the loading of the (of course compressed) 
kernel crashes. 
I am trying to understand why...
For an 880k floppy the space problem makes impossible to do it.
But i wish to be contraddicted... :))

For Sven Luther:
I was very busy in the last days, and i think i have lost some steps.:))
Please may you list me what do you need for the next tests ? 
Thank you.

                           Giorgio Terzi

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