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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs


> Well, we could split the kernel in 2 and join it in ram: before launching it.
> Or we could try for a less than 880Ko modular kernel, but i have not big hopes
> on this one. Michel Daenzer is the apus kernel package maintainer for debian.

a small, but brief note:

IS there not a very very big problem with having the kernel in ram: when

joining two files up into ram: is no problem (6 lines of code max.) but
doesnt ram: just get completely trashed when the bootstrap loads up the
kernel (and thus corrupting the kernel image?)

i thought this was the case and people have to have the installer and
kernel on media, rather than in volatile ram:
> 3) coordinate with alan for the floppy disk booting thingy.

working on disk-layout, tools and required libraries now.


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