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Re: task problem

Olivier Delemar <delemar@mimosa.ceng.cea.fr> writes:

> 	One step beyond! I removed "exim" from my distribution (why
> didn't do that before?). It works. I mean, I have almost what I want:
> the desired packages are installed and configured OK.
> 	But it is still not OK: the task should remove ppp and
> pppconfig (as the other task does), but it just remove pppconfig, and
> the task itself is still not installed. As before, I can install it
> after my first login as root and it works fine (it then just remove
> ppp and install the task). What the hell is wrong with my task
> packages? 

Which task package are you referring to?

Why would a task package remove ppp ?

Please take it up with the task package maintainer -- this stuff is
not the responsibility of the boot-floppies team.

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