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task problem

	Hello there

	I've submitted this post in debian-cd already, but this list
could be a better place. Please forgive me if I'm wrong.

	Here's the point: I create a custom CD with a bunch of
packages from an official mirror site and a couple of custom packages
(debianized applications and "configuration" packages). Depending on
the kind of server I want to install, I select a home-made task at the
end of the install process which install the packages this server will
need (bind, bind-doc, dnsutils and dlint for a DNS server e.g.).

	I created 2 tasks that way. The first install a debianized
FWTK (firewall from TIS), ssmtp instead of exim, and some tools (less,
dnsutils and so on). It works fine. The second one depends on FWTK,
sendmail, m4, procmail, bind, bind-doc, dnsutils and dlint, and a
home-made package that install config files for bind and sendmail
(sendmail.mc and zone definitions for bind). For a strange reason,
this task doesn't work.

	When I select this task, the install process acts like if I
would have selected nothing. "exim" is installed, none of my custom
packages are (neither FWTK nor the configuring one) and it lets 3
packages not upgraded.

	If I abort the install process right after "tasksel", then log
as root and launch tasksel again, it works fine. The difference is
that I don't use the "-riq" options of tasksel like the install
process does. I can use apt-get instead of tasksel, and it works fine

	Any idea?

                                O. Delemar, CS-SI. ATHESA
                CEA/CENG, Bat. T, 17 Av. des Martyrs, GRENOBLE
                                Tel. 04 76 88 32 87

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