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install.en.txt document format suggestion

[preserve CC, I'm not in this list]

I'm new to debian and I was just starting to read the installation
document. Concerning this document:


Would you be interested if I converted this text to so called TF
(Technical Format), which is nothing more than a little more clear
plain text layout. Once upon a time I wrote tool to convert such
pages very easily to nice looking HTML and I still use it actively.

here are some final exmple what you may expect. There is NO special
markup to be learned, only _bold_ *italics* and such that 
are used in everyday text exchange.

  # Origin is plain text. Perl tool to do the conversion is available at
  # http://www.perl.com/CPAN-local/modules/by-authors/id/J/JA/JARIAALTO/


If you're interested, give me a "go" sign and it'll only take an hour
to format the document. You can still maintain the text in plain text
since any text editor will do, but I have written Emacs minor mode to
make this all automatic in case you are familiar Emacs user.


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