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Re: debian-installer: disk partitioner

David Whedon wrote:
> >
> > sounds nice. btw, is there any standard here on the data structures?
> > would it be possible to agree on this since we're using C, and data
> > structure codes tend to be replicated over and over again? i'd be
> I'm not sure what you mean by standard for data structures.  For the most part I
> think glibc does a find job providing the general functionality I need, but I'm
> open to new ideas, as long as things stay small.
I too am unsure about what is standard with data structures.

> > very comfortable using something like publib. and meanwhile we'd
> > have contributed a bit to publib ;)
> I agree, a debian-installer specific library is in order, so far I've got two
> candidate functions (see utils.c in ddetect and netcfg). I took a quick look at
> publib and didn't see that it would give us much, I could have missed something.
> -David

busybox has utility.c which is where funtions go that are common to a
few busybox utilitities, i havent looked at publib yet (its pretty old?)
so i dont really cant compare it.

Im stuck with a mongrel of a segfault with my code at the moment :(


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