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Re: debian-installer: disk partitioner

David Whedon wrote:
> I've started to look into doing the disk partitioner.
> Looking through the boot archives it looks like Eray indicated some interest, I
> don't want to step on toes, Eray, let me know if you are still working on it, we
> can work together, o ryou can have it, just let me know, I want it soon.
> I've also seen conflicting info on how it should probably be done.  I've seen
> libparted and libfdisk suggested, I'm not sure that people came to a conclusion
> as to which one to go with.
> Anyway, I'm working on it now.
> -David

Ive got some code that parses, /proc/filesystems, /proc/partitions,
/proc/mdstats and /proc/mounts.

It builds a linked list of partitions with data it has gathered along
the way, including a list of aprent devices.

i.e. hda1's parent is hda, or loop0's parent is md0 which has hda2 and
hdc2 as parents.

The idea is to build this lsit with all relevent info and then pull out
a list of 

- mounted filesystem with extra information
- unused partitions
- maybe other uses ?

Anyway, mounted partition list is to display current status, its no big

unused partitions is supposed to be a list of partitions that the user
may want to format or mount, the heirarchy thing for devices is to
provide better support for software raid and loop devices, so that a
user can see a better picture of how things are, e.g. if someone has (or
makes) an unmounted raid device then it  will be easy for them to see
that the individual drives partitions that comprise the md are beign

The code i have is still pretty rough, it may still need radical
changes, but i will clean it up a bit and post what i have to the list.


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