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Re: woody boot floppies

On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 11:08:53AM -0800, Rob wrote:
> IIRC, ReiserFS had some issues with NFS last time I used it..
> This may have been corrected by now, but 5 months ago or so the
> consensus was "don't use NFS with ReiserFS".

i have had no problems with ReiserFS and NFS. i have exported ReiserFS
via nfs for many months now with no problems at all.

i have not tried the newer NFS3 code yet, however.
(current kernels are 2.2.16 on the server and 2.2.18 on the client)

> Also, lilo must have the -notail option in order to boot a
> ReiserFS ( non-ext2fs even? ) partition. 

true. if the reiserfs partition is mounted w/o the nottail option, then
LILO notices holes in the map file. (other partition types may also
benefit, such as qmail mail queue partitions). my current disks notice
this and ask if the partition should be mounted with notail.

(however, i have found that remounting with notail _does_ _not_ _work_)

GRUB as a bootloader (newer versions) can read a ReiserFS partition
directly. if we are going to move to GRUB, this may be a non-issue.


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