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Re: woody boot floppies

"John H. Robinson, IV" <jhriv@ucsd.edu> writes:

> while i am waiting on my debian developer application, i would like to
> work with the boot floppy developers on making a reiserfs enabled
> installer.

Yeah, checking out the sources with anonymous CVS and patching from
there would be best.

> the drawback is that it is _yet another flavour_, and currently,
> reiserfs is available only for the i386 architecture.

Why should it be another flavor?  Why not just a modification to the
existing flavors?  Is there something about reiserfs which makes it

> of course the intention remains to fit as seemlessly into the installer
> as possible. i do not know if you have looked at my current potato
> install disks http://chao.ucsd.edu/debian/boot-floppies/ or not, but i
> tried to keep things as seemeless as possible.

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