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Re: proxy support for wget retriever

* Tollef Fog Heen 

| * Joey Hess 
| | Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| | > Shouldn't the retriever be persistent and requiring a hostname and a
| | > directory?
| | 
| | You need to read up on how debconf works. The "persistance" you are
| | advocating == an infinite loop. GET commands always return the same
| | vale, which was already input earlier.
| Yes, you are right.  Please disregard my previous message.  I though
| 'GET' would return the answer from the user, while in fact, it won't.
| It will just return the previous value.  An INPUT command is needed to
| get a new answer.  Right?

do {
debconf->command(debconf, "fset", DEBCONF_BASE "http/hostname", "seen", "false");
debconf->command(debconf, "INPUT", "critical", DEBCONF_BASE "http/hostname", NULL);
debconf->command(debconf, "GET", DEBCONF_BASE "http/hostname", NULL);
} while (debconf->value == NULL || strcmp(debconf->value,"") == 0);

This goes into an infinite loop, because debconf operates

Is there some way to force debconf to get an answer before returning?

| | Move over to choose-mirror; you can probably add a loop in the right
| | place there to ensure that there are always values available.
| I am checking it out now, and adding ftp support as well.  :)

Are we going to support non-us as well?


Tollef Fog Heen
Unix _IS_ user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are.

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