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partitioning modules

im starting to get into the partitioning side of of things.

Ive started with this small routine that parses /proc/mounts into
debconf. I figure ill do one that parses /proc/partitions and then one
to get known filesystems. With those three lots of information in
debconf format and mount functions can be done.

Obviously the format will have to depend on a seperate udeb for each
possible filesystem type, so there may end up being a fair few different
udebs for the partitioning side of things.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <cdebconf/debconfclient.h>

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	FILE *proc_mounts;
	struct debconfclient *client;
	char *device, *mount_point, *fs_type;
	char *table = NULL;
	char raw_line[80];
	char *line = NULL;
	device = (char *) malloc(80);
	mount_point = (char *) malloc(80);
	fs_type = (char *) malloc(80);
	table = (char *) malloc(1);
	if ((proc_mounts = fopen("/proc/mounts", "r")) == NULL) {
		printf("FIXME: need to mount /proc first\n");
		return EXIT_FAILURE;
	client = debconfclient_new ();
	client->command (client, "title", "Mounted Partitions", NULL);

	while (fgets(raw_line, 80, proc_mounts) != NULL) {
		int line_length;
		sscanf(raw_line, "%s %s %s ", device, mount_point, fs_type);
		line_length = strlen(device) + strlen(mount_point) + strlen(fs_type) + 30;
		line = realloc(line, line_length);
		sprintf(line,"%-10s\t%-10s\t%-10s\n", device, mount_point, fs_type);
		table = realloc(table, line_length + strlen(table));
		strcat(table, line);
	client->command (client, "subst", "ddetect/mounted", "partition_table", table, NULL);
	client->command (client, "go", NULL);
	printf("done, table was [%s]\n",table);

Template: ddetect/mounted
Type: text 
Description: Current partition table 
 Device     Mount Point    Filesystem 

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