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Re: the next step

Erik Andersen wrote:
> > Maybe we can use it as the actual engine of the retreiver. The
> > retreivers though have to all use a standard interface, and I think it
> > makes sense to make a special module for the glue code.
> I see.  So more then just a retriever, you want something like the current boot
> floppies http-fetch -- complete with curses/slang status bar, and such.  Got
> it.  I can do this.  I think we want an engine that works, and a pluggable
> front end gui, so for example, someone could later write a microwindows
> installer.  I will just the curses/slang front end, and the underlying engine.

No, don't worry about the frontend. Debconf will (should) be able to
handle displaying progress. Just make sure that busybox wget can output
in some format that is easily machine reabable so it can be fed into the

In other words, debconf is the pluggable front end gui you're talking

> Not that big a deal really.  I already compile busybox twice for the .deb.
> Adding a few more recompiles wouldn't be a problem.  


> It will fit.  Oh, yes.  It will.  ;-) 

If we keep repeating that maybe it will happen. :-)

> I'm sure it can be done.  Though we may need to switch to libc5 or uclibc or
> something more exotic (like the thin syscall wrapper libc thing on the RedHat
> installer).

see shy jo

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