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Re: the next step

On Thu Sep 28, 2000 at 06:36:00PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> I feel that the design discussions have reached the point where we'll be
> more productive if we're talking about actual code. There are still many
> decisions to be made, but most of them are on the level of how an
> individual module should work, and we don't have to firm up all those
> details yet. So I'd like to lay out a plan for the next couple of months.
> * mini dpkg (mostly done)
> * base tarball creator (don't have to write, we can just use
>   boot-floppies to make base tarballs for the first cut)
> * mini debconf (with 1 frontend and a basic database)
> * main menu generation code
> * http retriever
> * kernel build (with modules)
> * NIC autodetection (limited)
> * network configuration (manual method)
> * disk partitioning and formatting
> * base tarball installer
> * lilo setup
> * library reduction
> * bootable image build system (take all necessary pieces and make a
>   bootable floppy image)
> The interesting thing is, most of these tasks can be worked on 
> independently. The main menu generation code, network configuration,
> Let me know what you can work on so I can tell if this 2 month timeline is
> wildly optimistic.

Where do we upload things to?  Can we get an archive area?  I've had busybox
.debs ready for months now...  Do you know what tools we do and do not want
included?  I've got a tiny little wget in busybox now -- I'd be happy to make
any changes wanted to handle the "http retriever" task.  For that "base tarball
installer" task, any reason not to use busybox tar, or is there somehow more to


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