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Re: the next step

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Oooh, uclibc.  That's a good idea.
> In fact, that's a VITAL idea.
> Joey, please remember that some architectures (I'm thinking powerpc
> here, and at least two more) do not support library reduction.  libc on
> a floppy is not an option.

I've never been given a good reason for why reduction doesn't work on
some architectures besides "it just doesn't seem to work". Sigh.

Keep in mind the (single?) floppy install I'm talking about it just a
demo system, and it's not the only way the new installation system will
work, just the first one we'll get working.

So it may be we won't get a single floppy install for some
architectures. Probably no worse than it is now though.

I agree uclibc sounds like a good idea. It needs more investigation
though: does it work on all architectures? Does it support anything
we'll need to do? Is it painful to use? Is it small enough? (It seems to
build a 415k libc.a here, which seems a little large.)

see shy jo

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