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Re: the next step

Joey Hess wrote:
> * mini dpkg (mostly done)
> * base tarball creator (don't have to write, we can just use
>   boot-floppies to make base tarballs for the first cut)
> * mini debconf (with 1 frontend and a basic database)
> * main menu generation code
> * http retriever
> * kernel build (with modules)
> * NIC autodetection (limited)
> * network configuration (manual method)
> * disk partitioning and formatting
> * base tarball installer
> * lilo setup
> * library reduction
> * bootable image build system (take all necessary pieces and make a
>   bootable floppy image)
> If we're agreed that this is a decent plan and that the target
> installation system and method for the first cut are reasonable, we can
> get started. I'm ready to write some code and I'd like to work on the
> main menu generation module (I can do it on my own in a week, I think),
> provide assistance with the mini debconf (but not write most of it; once
> was enough), and help with the network configuration, and the lilo setup.
> Let me know what you can work on so I can tell if this 2 month timeline is
> wildly optimistic.

Im interested in looking at the partitioning and formating module.

Im pretty comfortable working with busybox, so i could integrate
mini-dpkg into it, but i guess this isnt a high priority as long as it

Im a bit concerned about mini-debconf, its going to be a critical
module, and is deceptively complex... 


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