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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Ben Collins wrote:
> The thing is, most of these autodetection libraries just do "detection,
> suggest module". They don't care whether it is an ethernet card or video
> frame grabber.

That's not how libdetect works. Which library were you thinking of?

> There's no need to duplicate this just for sound (or
> whatever), and IMO it doesn't hurt to do it all at once. Makes the
> installer look more complete, as opposed to "Hey, it didn't detect my
> 'foo' card, why not?".

If the choice is between one floppy with minimal detection and two floppies 
with detection of everything, I want one floppy, every day.

If we make it clear that here is the hardware that you might want to use
to install to/from/with, the user shouldn't be asking that question.

> There is no overhead in this, since it is just a matter of PCI ID's
> and module mappings. The PCI_ID->module mapping is already done for all
> modules. Not using it, doesn't save anything.

There's still disk overhead. As Dan showed with libdetect, you can save
50 to 100k by pruning down what it tries to detect.

see shy jo

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