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Re: redesigning the debian installer

> We really need a hardware detection library that is modularized or can
> be modularized. There is no need to have code in the installer to detect 
> your sound card. And if you're installing from a floppy and the network, 
> you need NIC detection code, but code to detect a CD drive is
> unnecessary bloat.
> Also, we have to keep in mind that hardware detection is a two-edged
> sword. It's great until it probes somewhere it shouldn't and crashes
> your system. Strictly passive hardware detectors avoid this of course,
> but they detect less hardware too (no ISA cards, probably).
> Would some interested people like to get together and do some thurough
> research of the available hardware detection software, and present a
> report w/reccomendation to this list? Speak up if you're interested.

The good thing about PCI hardware detection is that there is no probing,
and the PCI layer/driver handles allocation an IRQ and I/O. So basically
the gist is, atleast include PCI detection, which maps PCI device ID's to
modules, and can prompt for which ones to load.


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