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Re: redesigning the debian installer


> Modules
> -------
> Retrievers
> ----------
> The Installer UI
> ----------------
> The user's view
> ---------------
> After the kernel boots up, the first thing the user will see is whatever UI
> is being used, configuring itself. This is equivalent to the current
> installer asking if the screen supports color, and keyboard configuration.
> It might also include language selection, mouse setup, etc. All up the
> individual UI.

Which UI: Text, fb, X11 or all selectable ?

"It might also include language selection"  ??  Not might, it is a must.

> Implementation
> --------------
>   - Configure installation media
>   - Reboot the system

  We will avoid system reboot. 

Another important point is an hardware detection database. 
We might also include samba, beowulf/cluster, mass-install, ... 



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