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Re: redesigning the debian installer

On Sep 12, Joey Hess wrote:
> Dan Helfman wrote:
> > Not to mention confidence in x86 hardware..
> Well that made me realize the big thing we've missed in this hardware
> detection discussion so far: what about other architectures?
> (I'm not a multi-arch kind of guy, so I occasinally need to be reminded
> to consider them..)
> Is hardware detection needed much in other architectures? None of them
> have the same proliferation of crappy hardware as the x86 world. I guess
> everything we've discussed about PCI hardware applies to alphas too.
> Anything else on other architectures that needs to be detected?

PowerPC will probably work with libdetect out of the box (at least the
PCI-based ones).  I remember something about PPC in the changelog lately.

Amigas (PowerPC or m68k) could do some autodetection for AutoConfig
devices; the question is, does anyone want to code it?  I don't know
if we even build any hardware modules in the m68k kernels...  (If
AutoConfig detection were coded, it could easily fit in libdetect.)

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