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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> The 2.4 kernel can handle isa-pnp, so there shouldnt be problems with
> assigning irq and io value for isa-pnp network or sound cards which
> there are probably a fair few of.

Two problems there:

1) I have a box that pnpdump locks solid. Ok, I haven't tried the new
   kernel's detection, but I have my doubts.
2) It's outside the domain of the installer to set up your sound card.
   The only hardware the installer should care about is the hard drive,
   whatever hardware is being used to install from (cd, ethernet), and
   possibly CPU and memory. If we want a sound card detection thing,
   someone can write it as a normal debian package that's not part of
   the installer.

see shy jo

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