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Re: non-installable binaries in main (was Re: busybox_0.45-1_i386.changes REJECTED)

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> In other words, there would be packages in main which can never be
> installed on a system.  I don't see how such packages need to be in
> the regular distribution, burned on the CDs, mirrored worldwide etc.
> They are USELESS execpt if you're building the installation set.
> (I'm assuming that the installer will not do clever tricks to retrieve
> busybox & co at installation time; I'm assuming they will be part of
> the install system image. If this assumption is false, then I'm wrong.)

This assumption is false. The new installer is going to be modular, and
it will be able to start from a very small base (1 floppy, we hope) and
retrieve other modules as needed from various sources (like cd's,
floppies, and the network).

I hink bug1 summed up everything else pretty well. I myself favor his
option #2; adding a directory to disks-* and putting the debs in there.
They do not need to be aptable, nor do they need to be in a place where
a casual browser will stumble over them. 

If this is acceptable to everyone, can the ftp folks set it up? We will
have more packages besides busybox coming in the months ahead. I'm not
sure how we would indicate a deb is destined for this area, maybe it'd
have to be "byhand" in the changes file?

(Oh, one more thing. We've decided on debian-boot to use the .deb format
for packages used by the new modular installer, and I think this is our
decision to make as the ones who will be doing the work. But the option
exists, if people think this is unnecessarily confusing, to make the
actual deb files have a different extention. busybox.dab or something.)

see shy jo

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