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Re: Install doc for mac m68k(was:Re: two items)

Clay Ginsburg <clay@bellaire.org> writes:

> At this time, I don't currently have a working Linux 
> distribution(hard drive crash, no time to install, etc...) as a 
> result I don't have access to cvs.

I don't understand how you can help all that much then... I guess you
could grab the files from
http://cvs.debian.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/boot-floppies/ ...

And keep grabbing them/merging them as there are updates, and send
'diff -u' output to the debian-boot list.

> It is my understanding that for 
> the potato release there is only going to be one install guide?

If I have my way, yes.

> If so, that implies that I only need to write the m68k specific
> stuff(well in my case mac m68k, i think others are doing the stuff
> for other m68k sub-archs).

Right.  Much of it is already there.  It just needs to be correct.

>  Except for minor changes that might be 
> needed, I have a preparation of the machine for Linux written for mac 
> m68k(up to the point of booting into Linux).  I've posted a copy to 
> http://www.insync.net/~guss/clay/macinstall.txt My question is what 
> do I do with this, and does it need to be sgml formatted?

No, it needs to be integrated into the existing materials found at
documentation/en/*.sgml.  Haven't I said this before?

>  You mentioned there was is a "documentation for documenters", but I
> haven't found it yet.

Why don't you look at documentation/README-authors.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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