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Re: m68k boot-floppies

"Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> writes:

>  But I have
> another question after I read Nicks mail wrt vme layout again carefully.
> Right now I have the following bin files:
> which will be copied to release/ and renamed somehow soon.
> If I understood the layout now correctly, the 1440 files (which will be in
> release/images-1.44) should be moved in flavour/images-1.44 and the remaining
> root* files as well as linux* and drivers*.tgz go into flavour/ ?

These aren't flavors, are they, they are subarchitectures.  Flavors
are just variations for a single architecture.  The only arch which
needs this that I know of is i386.

See the top-level README-Users.m4 for a description.  But I'm pretty
sure these are subarches, not flavors, so I don't know why you would
have a 'release/images-1.44' -- what would those files apply to ?
That only makes sense for i386, which has no subarches but rather
flavors, and there is a "vanilla" flavor, which is like no flavor at

> So once things are on a CD, installation from CD only uses files from
> flavour/ and the things in flavour/images-* are only to create disk images 
> (or for bvme to make a bootable CD)?

Nope.  See above.

> That would make some sense to me, right now I am doing it a little
> differently, will change that with the next go. But I am completely
> clueless wrt mac, there was nothing like that in the old scripts,
> only the hqx or hfs or whatever images are created, shouldn't the
> 1440mac files also go into images? A layout of the files as Nick
> sent would be great.

I'll let Nick do that, but I will say that raw disk images are what
goes in images-1.44 etc.  Files specifically for installation under a
given OS should probalby be placed, i.e., in mac/macos or some such.

> And another Q, what good are the images-1.44 for ie amiga? They are DOS
> images, right? (Old) Amigas rarely have HD floppies and I am not sure if
> they can boot DOS disks at all. Is it just, because everybody does it? Or
> maybe if somebody manages to make a bootable amiga CD?

This is for the porters to say.  If there's no point, then we
shouldn't build 'em.

> keymap/prefix trouble: I set the prefix now for the m68k subarches and
> removed it from the struct, might actually work. I also changed it for
> powerpc with i386 keyboards, it must be broken the same way as it looks
> right now, can somebody confirm that?

I'll have to let PowerPC porters respond....

> CVS: seems I have to commit my changes myself, the diff I sent here was not
> applied yet.

I was waiting for a porter to apply it.  I can't really evaluate if
it's right.

> Can I do that from my local machine with ssh?

If you have an account on va, yes.  I can set you up with a pserver
account.  See README-CVS in the top-level.

> Should I commit
> it in pieces, one file by one as Ive seen in the changelog or all in one go?
> How much can I ruin? Ive been using it for myself only a few weeks now...

All at once is actually preferable.

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