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Re: m68k boot-floppies

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 01:02:31PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Yeah, but it has to be run as root.
no problem, but its much easier, since I do not have to remember all those
options _and_ get a logfile.
> > which I find a little strange, since I never had that before when I built
> > with make release...
> Must be a busybox makefile bug or something.
I started with fresh source, must have been my fiddling to make the
turnaround a little faster... I think it will take a few hours until I see
if the build completes and if the keyboard is working then. But I have
another question after I read Nicks mail wrt vme layout again carefully.
Right now I have the following bin files:


which will be copied to release/ and renamed somehow soon.
If I understood the layout now correctly, the 1440 files (which will be in
release/images-1.44) should be moved in flavour/images-1.44 and the remaining
root* files as well as linux* and drivers*.tgz go into flavour/ ?
So once things are on a CD, installation from CD only uses files from
flavour/ and the things in flavour/images-* are only to create disk images 
(or for bvme to make a bootable CD)?
That would make some sense to me, right now I am doing it a little
differently, will change that with the next go. But I am completely clueless
wrt mac, there was nothing like that in the old scripts, only the hqx or hfs
or whatever images are created, shouldn't the 1440mac files also go into
images? A layout of the files as Nick sent would be great.

And another Q, what good are the images-1.44 for ie amiga? They are DOS
images, right? (Old) Amigas rarely have HD floppies and I am not sure if
they can boot DOS disks at all. Is it just, because everybody does it? Or
maybe if somebody manages to make a bootable amiga CD?

keymap/prefix trouble: I set the prefix now for the m68k subarches and
removed it from the struct, might actually work. I also changed it for
powerpc with i386 keyboards, it must be broken the same way as it looks
right now, can somebody confirm that?

CVS: seems I have to commit my changes myself, the diff I sent here was not
applied yet. Can I do that from my local machine with ssh? Should I commit
it in pieces, one file by one as Ive seen in the changelog or all in one go?
How much can I ruin? Ive been using it for myself only a few weeks now...


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