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Re: m68k boot-floppies

On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 09:51:26AM -0400, David Huggins-Daines wrote:
> hfsutils
Yeah, thanks. And where is tftplilo? Its not in m68k-vme-tftplilo (vmelilo)
or at least the scripts could not find whate they are looking for...

I had to increase the size of rootmac.bin, is that ok or is this really used
for creating a floppy?

I edited keymaps.sh to create .bmp files, not .bmap files, otherwise I can
not load a keymap in dbootstrap.

Installing with this went fine (still sorting out the location of rescue and
driver.bin, is driver.bin needed at all when there is driver.tgz?), only
task-german failed, because I had no "ding", but its on my mirror? Basically
it went fine, I installed from a local mirror and selected non-us also. The
install tool tried to make a network connection for that and did not look at
my local mirror for those packages...

When all the files are in their place (need atari, mac and *vme guys to
actually test that, since things are now in images-1.44 and not in debian,
maybe the bootargs have to be adapted?) I can upload everything. But how to
do that technically? The build will result in base*, [flavour]install.tgz
and some more files (doc). I need to create a changes file by hand?


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